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Thursday, March 16, 2017

What I learned.

Hey ho readers and stalkers,

After 7 months full of drama, hardwork, love, hate and fun, I finally finished my time as a management trainee. Alhamdulillah I got absorbed and I am now a HR executive specializing in training and development under business management.

A lot happened during training. Initially, when they took me in as a trainee, I was supposed to go into another unit in the HR department. But things happened and that unit decided to discard me from their team and I am accepted into the training team. Which is where I feel happier and more comfortable in doing the job. So much of learning is happening and I love it! All the new information from training courses also from the people. So here are the few things that I learned during my time as a management trainee in the HR department:

So during the 7 months, I was rotated to 6 different units under the HR department which are the training unit, HR system, HR business partner, rewards, staffing unit and center of excellence. Generally, the thing that impacted me the most is that, I now know how it feels to be "on the other side".

While I was in the staffing unit, I followed them when they were conducting interviews for the company's scholarship program. I had the privilege to act as one of the panels during the interview (only as an observer) Seeing all the people that were being interviewed reminded myself so much during the time when I was the one sitting on the other side. It was really something different and wonderful.

In the training unit, I get to feel being the organizer instead of the participants. It is really fun. I get to listen to a lot of training courses and I can also "excuse myself" when I feel bored. :P I have yet to get the feeling to be a trainer (which I will in the very near future)

There's a whole bunch of other things that I didn't mention here because then it won't be a blog entry, it will be a book.

In general, things are not always as it seems. Being a boss does not mean that you are always right. Having power and having people working under you does not mean that you may disregard their feelings, opinions and rights as a human being to be treated with respect.

Doing things differently means that people may not agree with you. Even if it is a good change, changing people's mindset is not an easy task. What's important is that you stand with your ideas and always make a reality check whether your ideas are really as good as you think it is. Always get a second opinion on everything because your perception on things might not be what it really is.

All and all, my point is that we should never stop learning, like a company that needs constant R&D so that their products are not outdated, we also need new knowledge, skills and ability to be learned so that we wont be archaic.

Thank you.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

24th September 2016


I went to HKL today to visit my aunt apparently she had a nerve problem and her hands and legs just suddenly decided to stop functioning. The whole family are grief-stricken and low spirited now. At times like these that I realized how important family ties are.

My aunts started missing my mom since she is the only one who lives far away from her sisters (KL - Batu Pahat). I can see that they draw the energy to move on from each other and I thank God that all her sons are very responsible towards their mother (all five of them).

I feel that now is a very tough time for my family and everyone needs to be strong for each other. It hurts me when I see them cry. But it makes me want to work harder so that I can contribute something useful for them.

I love my family.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Does Time Really Heals?


I've recently just migrated to the big city (big whoop). Living in KL is really different from what I thought I would do. Usually I would just go to KL during end of year sale or on holidays to go out and shopping and stuff like that. But all I did was go to work, go back home, watch cartoons and sleep early. weird

Currently working in a large (LARGE) company. I love it here. The energy, the atmosphere everything. Most importantly, I love the friends that I made here.

Recently, I've been through a phase where my heart was really broken up by someone. It took me quite a while to get over it. I relied a lot to my friends and my job to keep me occupied and to prevent myself to be alone because I tend to think to much when I'm alone.

Anyways, I finally got over it. I was happy again. I still can't open my heart to anyone but still I was happy. I was enjoying my own company. Until the fateful day that the one who broke my heart came back and surprisingly (unsurprisingly) he managed to turn my life upside down again. I can't get myself to open up my heart for anyone anymore. Not even him. So here I am again, in the darkness that I had been before. Unable to love. Just an empty void.

So it got me thinking, time doesn't heal shit. Like a common wound, it gets dry but the scar would still be there. It could and would open up again. Damn, this post is so stupid.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Rant on something something ̄ 3 ̄

Hey ho readers and stalkers,

I just noticed recently, I don't really know is it because Im getting older or is the world really is becoming stupider?

Most people are really in low supply of their common sense. Some don't even know what common sense is. Guess its not so common after all no?

Im scared of what the world is turning into. Im scared for my children and possibly grand children or great grandchildren or great great great grand..fg.gjf...

Like the recent case of the RM15K hantaran. I mean whats up with that? Wey makcik wey pakcik auntie uncle where are your common senses?! Why kau bergaduh baling selipar bagai kat masjid? Rumah Allah tu woi org tua tak sedar diri. Aku tanpa rasa bersalah dan segan silu mengatakan aku malu kalau aku ada kaitan ngan family tu. Sebut pasal wang and everybody starts to lose their mind. Like, please pegi mampus.

Lagi satu pasal tudung FREEDADA  tu. Apehal la customer semua sanggup bersesak mcm haiwan ternakkan untuk dapatkan sehelai overpriced kain perca yg xmampu tutup dada yg ditampal dengan batu batuan plastik tu. Otak pun mcm haiwan ternakkan. Takde common sense. My elementery school english teacher Ms Ng always said, "use you common sense, if you dont have common sense then use your cow sense, yeah because cows dont have sense". So all the customers setia tudung FREEDADA by *insert flower name here* apparently followed my english teacher's advise and used their cow senses...

These kinda things are making me lose my faith in humanity. I hope someone will start classes on common sense so that everyone can learn.. maybe I should start one.. just gonna share some pics that'll make you facepalm so hard you'll shat your pants. So kthxbai.

Then what does? 

I dont even know whats going on anymore 

Gembala lembu terkejut melihat reaksi lembu2nya merebut kain perca

Gila dah sekarang kpop dah jadi agama.

Please pegi mampus

Sorry no offense aku just rasa kau over. rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari. Takyah over ngat mokcik.

This doesn't even cover half of what all the stupid things that are happening in the world right now. Last time I remembered watching berita utama di TV3 suku ialah hari2 ada je orang tersepit kat mana2 di negara China..It amazes me how those people got to those places in the first place. But thats that, if you want to change the world, you gotta change yourself first. Peace out~