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Thursday, March 16, 2017

What I learned.

Hey ho readers and stalkers,

After 7 months full of drama, hardwork, love, hate and fun, I finally finished my time as a management trainee. Alhamdulillah I got absorbed and I am now a HR executive specializing in training and development under business management.

A lot happened during training. Initially, when they took me in as a trainee, I was supposed to go into another unit in the HR department. But things happened and that unit decided to discard me from their team and I am accepted into the training team. Which is where I feel happier and more comfortable in doing the job. So much of learning is happening and I love it! All the new information from training courses also from the people. So here are the few things that I learned during my time as a management trainee in the HR department:

So during the 7 months, I was rotated to 6 different units under the HR department which are the training unit, HR system, HR business partner, rewards, staffing unit and center of excellence. Generally, the thing that impacted me the most is that, I now know how it feels to be "on the other side".

While I was in the staffing unit, I followed them when they were conducting interviews for the company's scholarship program. I had the privilege to act as one of the panels during the interview (only as an observer) Seeing all the people that were being interviewed reminded myself so much during the time when I was the one sitting on the other side. It was really something different and wonderful.

In the training unit, I get to feel being the organizer instead of the participants. It is really fun. I get to listen to a lot of training courses and I can also "excuse myself" when I feel bored. :P I have yet to get the feeling to be a trainer (which I will in the very near future)

There's a whole bunch of other things that I didn't mention here because then it won't be a blog entry, it will be a book.

In general, things are not always as it seems. Being a boss does not mean that you are always right. Having power and having people working under you does not mean that you may disregard their feelings, opinions and rights as a human being to be treated with respect.

Doing things differently means that people may not agree with you. Even if it is a good change, changing people's mindset is not an easy task. What's important is that you stand with your ideas and always make a reality check whether your ideas are really as good as you think it is. Always get a second opinion on everything because your perception on things might not be what it really is.

All and all, my point is that we should never stop learning, like a company that needs constant R&D so that their products are not outdated, we also need new knowledge, skills and ability to be learned so that we wont be archaic.

Thank you.

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